KSTT 1979

Here we are, right out on River Drive in Davenport, in the Fall of 1979. Left to right top: Mike Kenneally, Jim O'Hara, Al St. John, Spike O'Dell, bottom: Michelle Coleman, Jay Gregory, Greg Garron

KSTT 'Someplace Special' Logo

There once was a radio station in the Quad Cities called KSTT.  I lived there (sometimes literally) from 1977 to 1982...here are some recordings of my friends and I during that time.

Co-Op Records Commercial 1977

Mike Kenneally at KSTT Winter 1978-79

Mike Kenneally at KSTT Spring 1979

KSTT Composite Spring 1978

KSTT Composite Winter '78-'79

KSTT Composite Spring 1979

KSTT Weekend to Remember 1980

KSTT Composite Spring 1981

KSTT Composite Spring 1982